Mix Like A Boss - Afrobeat & Dancehall Mixing Course  


You'll get:

  • Over two and half hours videos of step-by-step mixing walkthroughs in pristine HD quality
  • The multitrack files for the song are included, so you can mix it from start to finish with me
  • An entire arsenal of new mixing tricks you can use in any DAW to get better mixes immediately


What's inside the MIX LIKE A BOSS course?


  • Module  1: I'm showing my own personal mixing template with all plugins and effects I'm using and explaining it in detail
  • Module  2: We're going to prepare the mixing session together
  • Module  3: I'm showing you how to use mono and pink noise to set the levels of the mix easily
  • Module  4: We're going to lay the foundation of the track with the main drums 
  • Module  5: I'm showing you how to achieve a warm and huge bass sound
  • Module  6: I'm showing you how to get a constant volume for vocals
  • Module  7: You'll learn how to get a clear and crisp vocal sound with EQ and Compression
  • Module  8: How to get more depth and width into the vocals and make them sound more interesting
  • Module  9: I'm showing you how the instruments can be glued together with the rest of the song easily
  • Module  10: You'll learn how you can improve you overall sound tremendously with the right mix buss treatment
  • Module  11: How to use automation and delay effects to make the song more dynamic and interesting

Paul Hauss - Music Producer -  paul@paulhauss.com

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