1.) How much does a beat cost and what are differences between the types of licenses?

Please see HERE for details. 


2.) I would like to buy more than one beat. Do you offer bulk deals?

Yeah, I offer a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Deal. Just put three beats with the same license into the shopping cart and you'll only have to pay for two of them. The third one comes for free automatically.


3.) Ok, so I bought a beat. What happens next?

You'll immediately receive an email with the file(s) and the legal contract through BeatStars.


4.) When I purchased a beat, can I upload my song to Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud etc.?

For sure, that's why you're purchasing the license in the first place.


5.) Do I have to credit you as the producer?

Yes, you'd have to mention me as in "produced by Paul Hauss".


6.) Will you remove the tag "Paul Hauss" when I lease a beat?

Yes, the tag will be removed completely. 


7.) Can I upgrade my license later on when I need the stems for mixing or my song goes through the roof?

Yes, for sure. Just send me an email when you'd like to upgrade your license and you only pay the difference. 


Paul Hauss - Music Producer -  paul@paulhauss.com

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