17. December 2018
ou might think creating your own Drum Rolls is hard. But once you've wrapped your head around it, you'll see that it's actually pretty easy and most importantly a lot of fun to be creative with Rolls and Fills. Also, I find that you can match the feeling of your song better, when you have the flexibility to change sounds, make some tweaking here and there. Therefore, an audio only file won't do the job for you - just put in some MIDI data, it's not that complicated!
08. December 2018
Have you ever wanted to get rid of harsh frequencies in vocals, hi hats, pianos and other instruments because they are so annoying, especially when the song is played loud? I know this can get quite tricky to bring down those unwanted frequencies, but today I'm showing you a nice little tool that does the trick almost automatically. Just see for yourself...

25. November 2018
In this tutorial I'm showing you how to produce an Afrobeat Instrumental in Logic X.
19. November 2018
We all know that compression is essential to mixing, right? But what does a compressor really do and how do you set up a compressor for different sounds? And what type of compressor should I actually use? You see, that there's been a lot of confusion about how and when to use a compressor. I've made it easy for you. In my video "How Do I Use Compression in Afrobeat & Dancehall" you'll have all the important questions answered and I'm going to shed some light on this topic

12. November 2018
Listeners or potential customers are likely to make decisions about your track while listening on their phone. So you want to make sure that your bass is huge on there as well, right? But just turning up the volume of the bass won’t do the job for you! You would lose precious headroom, and the whole mix would get too bassy and muddy. You want to make your Sub Bass or 808 stand out and at the same time make it translatable to systems without a low bass response.
05. November 2018
Did you ever encounter the problem that using Reverb makes your vocals sound washy or muddy and you lose that clarity and upfront feeling that we all wish for when it comes to lead vocals? In my latest video "How To Use Reverb On Vocals" I'm showing you the most important aspects for setting up your Reverb correctly.

29. October 2018
Did you ever have problems on how to approach mixing vocals for a great, upfront and clear sound? I got you covered! Here are 5 steps that I do to all of my vocals: - Get rid of unwanted frequencies with an EQ - Control harsh frequencies with a De-Esser - Compress the vocals (not only once...) to get a present, upfront and consistent vocal - Use Effects such as Plates, Delays etc.. to give the vocals some perspective and excitement - If you have vocal harmonies use panning to separate them from

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